Research Interest:

My research is focused on:

  • Fate and transport in subsuface system;
  • Water quality;
  • Nano-enabled Agriculture;
  • Geo/Biogeochemistry;
  • Soil microbiome etc.

Research Activities:

Worked as a researcher in the following research projects of IWFM during October 2015-July 2019 :

  • “REACH: Improving water security for the poor”, funded by DFID;
  • “Reversing Pollution in the Turag, Balu and Buriganga River systems in Dhaka: Modelling and Biosensor Technology to assess Risk, Impacts and Restoration Measures linked to Human Health”; funded by DFID (REACH Accelerator Grant)
  • “Developing Flash Flood Forecasting System for the Haor Region of Bangladesh (F-FLOOD) and Capacity Building & Knowledge Management”, funded by IFAD;
  • “Research on Disaster Prevention/Mitigation against flood and Storm Surges in Bangladesh”, funded by JST JICA (SATREPS);
  • “Numerical Investigation of Non-linear Surge-Tide Interactions in the Bay of Bengal along the Bangladesh Coast”, funded by BUET;